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BAR Gemeenten Supports Freelance Workers with Rapid Access to Emergency Funding

When the coronavirus crisis hit Europe, the government of the Netherlands quickly implemented new legislation to deliver financial support to freelance workers. To rapidly process, validate and pay out on funding applications from thousands of citizens, municipal-service organization BAR Gemeenten is using Kofax RPA™ to cut hours of manual effort down to just four minutes per application.


Ron Finemore Transport Enhances its Services with Real-Time Telematics Data

To augment its logistics services, Ron Finemore Transport aimed to harness real-time position and activity data for all the trucks in its fleet. In the past, providing accurate status updates for each load required the company to manually re-key the position and activity data into its transportation management system—a time-consuming task. Using Kofax RPA™, Ron Finemore Transport has automated 91 percent of the process, liberating six full-time equivalents to focus on value-added activities.


Japanese Bank Accelerates Business Process Re-Engineering and Digital Transformation With Automation From Kofax

Local Japanese banks are currently facing decreased workforces, low interest rates and different industries entering the financial industry, all while responding quickly to customer needs. To overcome these challenges, Hiroshima Bank has addressed workstyle innovation and digital transformation in their mid-term plan with the introduction of Kofax RPA™.


Myhealth Medical Group Supports Fast-Paced Growth with Accounts Payable Automation

Through its 100 clinics, Myhealth Medical Group provides care services to over one million Australians every year. To continue its rapid expansion, Myhealth Medical Group replaced manual approaches to invoice processing with an automated solution based on Kofax ReadSoft Online™—reducing manual work, boosting accuracy and enhancing visibility of cashflows.


Skipton Building Society Prepares for Business Growth with a Virtual Workforce from Kofax

Skipton Building Society has ambitious growth targets. To help achieve its goal while keeping costs and headcount flat, the organization is deploying Kofax RPA™ software robots to automate repetitive business processes—freeing its employees to focus on value-added activities and enabling rapid expansion.


Beyond Digital Business Accelerates Travel-Expenses Admin with Artificial Intelligence

Beyond Digital Business takes the hassle out of travel expense accounting. With help from UDIT GmbH and Kofax, the company launched Xpense2Cash—a mobile app that accelerates expense management workflows by 75 percent, freeing staff to focus on value-added tasks instead of filling out forms.


Damen Shipyards Group Drives Cost-Savings and Boosts Operational Efficiency

Leading Netherlands-based shipbuilder Damen Shipyards Group relies on digital documents to drive key aspects of its business process, including creating and signing customer contracts and applying for employee visas. To reduce its spend on software licenses and cut the time required to create PDFs, Damen replaced multiple PDF editing tools with a single, centralized Kofax Power PDF solution.


PPB Advisory Drives Operational Efficiency with Rapid Creation for Digital Documents

Digital documents play a crucial role in PPB Advisory’s client communications—but using multiple platforms to create and manage PDFs was driving up costs and consuming valuable time. To solve the challenge, the company deployed Kofax Power PDF, enabling it to generate digital documents faster and shrink its software licensing and maintenance costs.


Harwood Andrews Reduces Costs and Enhances PDF Capability with Kofax

To boost operational efficiency and drive toward its goal of becoming a paperless office, Harwood Andrews aimed to replace its multiple PDF tools with a single, streamlined solution. By deploying Kofax Power PDF as its firm-wide PDF solution, Harwood Andrews is saving time, unlocking operational efficiencies, and driving thousands of dollars in cost-savings.


Kofax Power PDF Helps Hall & Wilcox Lawyers Become Paperless

As it prepared to move offices, Hall & Wilcox decided to seize the opportunity to set the firm on the path to paperless operations. The mid-sized commercial law firm was keen to reduce the volume of paper it had amassed over the years and implement digital capability to reduce future paper volumes. To help achieve its goal, the firm selected Kofax Power PDF—a cost-effective, easy-to-use and feature-rich solution to create, convert, edit and share PDF files.

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