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Invoice-Processing Accuracy


Reduction in Accounts Payable Workloads


Cost-Effectively as the Business Grows

Through its 100 clinics, Myhealth Medical Group provides care services to over one million Australians every year. To continue its rapid expansion, Myhealth Medical Group replaced manual approaches to invoice processing with an automated solution based on Kofax ReadSoft Online™—reducing manual work, boosting accuracy and enhancing visibility of cashflows.

“Since we went live with Kofax ReadSoft Online, we’ve not had a single instance of a double payment: a 100 percent accuracy rate for the solution.”

Ferdia Doherty, Financial Controller, Myhealth Medical Group


Kofax ReadSoft Online


Invoice Processing
Accounts Payable Automation
Business Growth

Meet Myhealth Medical Group

Founded in 2007, Myhealth Medical Group operates 100 clinics across three eastern states in Australia. The largest shopping-center based medical operator in the country, Myhealth Medical Group serves more than 1.2 million patients each year.



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