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The Kofax 2021 Intelligent Automation Benchmark Study Part 3— Intelligent Automation Platforms Accelerate Digital Workflow Transformation Success

As organizations navigate increased global economic uncertainty, an imperative emerges—to drive a high degree of business agility and resiliency that allows them to respond to rapidly accelerating challenges, crises and business opportunities. This new Kofax-commissioned study, the final part of a three-part series conducted by Forrester Consulting, focuses on how to achieve these goals.


Accounts Payable Automation: Keeping Your Processes in the 'Safe Zone'

Accounts Payable is responsible for so much more than just paying incoming bills and invoices, particularly given today's global challenges. In partnership with Kofax, SSON ran an industry wide AP Automation Maturity survey, gaining insights from all over the world into how companies are growing their payables efficiency.


The Kofax 2020 Intelligent Automation Benchmark Study Part 2—Automation at Scale: Bridging the Gap Between IT and the Business

This commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting reveals the challenges associated with a siloed approach to automating processes, how automation at scale requires new ways of thinking and why a user-centric platform is the bridge to realizing a myriad of benefits for your organization.


AIIM Industry Watch: The Ultimate Guide to Improving Your Business Processes—Process Automation and RPA

Organizations must automate wherever and whenever they can, particularly during today's global challenges of increasing information chaos and escalating customer demands for service. Therefore, it's not surprising that process automation efforts are most commonly undertaken to reduce costs associated with a particular process and to reduce the time it takes to complete a process.


AIIM Industry Watch: 4 Strategies to Conquer Information Chaos with Intelligent Capture, Assisted by Artificial intelligence

In its new report, AIIM takes a deep dive into creating, capturing and sharing information—and how this capability should be integrated into an overall information management strategy.


A Checklist for Developing a Future-Proof AP Organization

A recent report from The Hackett Group has outlined a set of six areas that top performing companies are prioritizing for optimization of AP processes.While they include lowering transaction costs, increasing transparency and gaining more control over payment timing, they go beyond these basic objectives and take a more comprehensive approach to information, analytics, employees and technologies so that no gaps are left in processes.


The Kofax 2020 Intelligent Automation Benchmark Study: Leveraging an Integrated Vendor Strategy

This report from Forrester provides insights and recommendations for leveraging an integrated vendor strategy as you implement intelligent automation technology to achieve your business goals.


Everest Group Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) Products PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2020

Kofax has been recognized as a leader in Everest Group's Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) Products PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2020


Kofax Named a Market Challenger in the Ovum Decision Matrix

Kofax RPA is a leader in the document capture market…Large enterprises should consider Kofax RPA along with the leading RPA vendors, especially for document-centric, end-to-end process automation use cases. ─Ovum


Everest Group: Intelligent Document Processing: Technology Vendor Landscape 2019

Organizations seek to adopt Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) to improve operational efficiency and strategic outcomes. In this independent research report, Everest Group reviews IDP software solutions that leverage AI/cognitive capabilities to reduce costs, increase accuracy and speed, and achieve synergy through product integration.

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