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Uncovering the Value of Content-Aware Print and Capture

Today's business needs call for content-aware print and capture to help protect your documents and data from inadvertent and deliberate exposure. Read this eBook and learn how to increase document security, compliance and reporting.


6 Ways to Secure Your MFDs—and Protect Healthcare Data

Each time a document or form is copied, scanned, printed, faxed or emailed—whatever the device used—PHI can be accidentally exposed or intentionally compromised. Paper output is particularly difficult to track and control, but it’s critical to your internal processes. Learn 6 ways to secure your multi-function devices (MFDs), and ensure your team is productive and compliant.


The Case for a Single-Vendor Approach to Automation: 5 Reasons Integration is Key to Business Resiliency and Capacity

Recent global disruption has created a double-sided problem for business leaders: demand reduction and shortage of workforce capacity. Download this ebook to learn how organizations can employ intelligent automation to deliver the level of service customers still expect while keeping costs in check and optimizing operations.


Five Case Studies to Inspire Your AP Automation Strategy

How can accounts payable automation contribute to your digital transformation? Get inspired by these five case studies Kofax customers that show major cost savings, boosts in productivity and better accuracy are possible with end-to-end AP automation.


How to Win with Mobile: Transforming Your Bank with a Multichannel Experience

Learn why and how to adopt the “mobile first, mobile now” imperative to satisfy and engage customers who demand a unified experience--whether they’re opening an account, applying for a loan, paying a bill or depositing a check.


OCR Accuracy and Performance: Find the Perfect Balance

In the eBook we will explore the challenges that caused this dichotomy and the reasons why organizations are currently seeking ways to maximize OCR speed and accuracy in their applications and services.


Automate and Optimise Financial Processes with RPA: The Top Eight Advantages

In this ebook, discover the top eight advantages to deploying robotic process automation (RPA) to automate rules-based, repetitive tasks within your financial processes.


Business Critical Printing You Can Count On, Time After Time

Print jobs must print out correctly every time. In this eBook, discover how to control print management costs while increasing efficiency and securing sensitive data.


AIIM Emerging Technologies Report: Enhancing Your RPA Implementation with Intelligent Information

In this report, AIIM's recent research identified key pain points RPA is addressing for organizations today, as well as factors keeping them from taking their RPA deployments to the next level.


The Essential Guide to Accelerating Invoice Processing: Boost accuracy, improve cycle times and reduce cost with SaaS-based APIA

Accounts payable teams are caught between two opposing forces. On one side, there’s a push to maximize performance and reduce operational expenses. On the other side, there’s dealing with legacy systems and manual processes. Break down these barriers and automate your invoice processing.

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