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Accelerating Invoice Processing

Accounts payable teams are caught between two opposing forces. On one side, there’s a push to maximize performance and reduce operational expenses. On the other side, there’s dealing with legacy systems and manual processes. Break down these barriers and automate your invoice processing.

Automating your invoice processing is fast and easy when you use a SaaS-based solution like ReadSoft Online. You’ll overcome the hurdles associated with siloed legacy systems, overreliance on IT, and expensive hardware and software purchases.

  • Superior data integrity: all users access the same version of the truth
  • Dramatic cost reduction: no hardware or software purchases are required
  • Improved agility: deploy AP automation in just hours and stay up-to-date with the latest security
  • Shortened cycle times: processing invoices is faster with improved visibility
  • Reduced reliance on IT: SaaS solution provides a self-solution user interface

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