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Kofax Output Manager

With every transaction, sensitive information changes hands. Without this transfer, business comes to a screeching halt. Yet whether it’s a borrower’s financials on a loan application or a patient’s medical records, managing confidential data properly isn’t an easy task. And in dispersed print environments, it’s a time-consuming challenge to keep documents secure and to create a transparent audit trail.

Kofax Output Manager injects intelligence into your document control and print management workflows. With Kofax Output Manager process orchestration capabilities, businesses work like the digitally enabled businesses of tomorrow by keeping confidential information safe, increasing print efficiency and mitigating compliance risks.


Increase productivity by simplifying print workflows


Keep confidential data secure with stringent security


Lower costs and reduce inefficiences by centralizing print management


Keep track of every person who has accessed a document


Support the mobile workforce with remote print and capture capabilities


Ensure compliance by securing sensitive data prior to printing

Stop the unauthorized flow of sensitive information

At a time when privacy is top of mind for consumers, protecting vital information is an imperative for every business. After all, it’s not just private data that’s at risk – it’s also your customer’s confidence in your business that’s at stake.


of consumers won’t do business with companies that don’t take adequate steps to protect their data*


the amount saved per breach when automation security technologies are extensively deployed


the financial impact of a typical data breach for an organization**

We know confidential information drives your business. 

Ensuring it is secure, compliant and efficient to manage is ours.


Transform your back-office printing experience to work like tomorrow

Information-intensive business processes like document and print management can be costly, time-consuming and prone to error. But when organizations inject intelligence into these workflows, they improve business outcomes and the bottom line. With Kofax Output Manager process orchestration capabilities, they can work like tomorrow – today.

Stringent security standards

Tighten information security with document inspection and document transformation, the ability to keep confidential data from printing, watermarking and mobile authentication.

Powerful workflow tools

Simplify and automate time-consuming and challenging workflows, centralize print management and normalize incompatible document formats and print streams.

Robust mobile capabilities

Provide your mobile workforce with multiple ways to authenticate and securely print, capture, process and route information from their mobile devices.

Highly scalable and high-availability architecture

Whether you’re a small businesses or a large enterprises with multiple offices and thousands of devices, Kofax Output Manager adapts to the needs of any organization with ease.

Simplified management tools

Spend less time configuring your print environment with web-based administration and template-driven configuration tools.

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