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Kofax Intelligent Automation Platform

Harness Kofax Intelligent Automation to unlock document intelligence, connect disparate systems, and orchestrate human and digital workers to execute and automate workflows across your high-value business processes.

Which digital workflows should you prioritize?

Our experience in guiding 25,000+ customers through their digital transformation journeys tells us that high-value automation opportunities involve:

business process automation

Document Intelligence

Workflows that apply cognitive capture and artificial intelligence to unstructured data in order to automate and extract information and unlock data insights

Process Orchestration

Process Orchestration

Orchestrating digital workflows in collaboration with users, systems, and data

Connected Systems

Connected Systems

Bringing together all of your critical business systems – enterprise applications, legacy systems, mobile, chatbots, and more – across internal and external business processes

Unlock the power of your workforce, connect disparate systems and orchestrate workflows.

The Kofax Intelligent Automation Platform harnesses six core capabilities that drive Digital Workflow Transformation at scale:


CognitiveCapture ArtificialIntelligence Ecosystem Integrations TaskAutomations Workflows

Cognitive CaptureConvert unstructured data locked in documents into structured assets containing actionable information

Artificial IntelligenceExtend your workforce by applying cognitive services to think, act upon and interpret data

EcosystemDeploy a network of technologies and services that operate within an open, integrated architecture

IntegrationsEliminate complexity and time needed to build and support integrations to connected systems

Task AutomationDeliver end-to-end automation of time-consuming routine, repetitive and manual tasks with RPA

WorkflowsDigitally transform high-volume, rules-driven, repeatable workflows by automating processes

More than 25,000 customers around the world harness Kofax Intelligent Automation to:

Enable the Innovator – and the Enterprise

Empower citizen developers, administrators, and professional developers with a low code experience to solve business problems and scale innovation across the organization.

Unlock Document Value

Achieve greater efficiencies and harness the value in your documents, data, and content to drive business transformation.

Accelerate Work and Drive Productivity

Improve employee productivity, reduce errors, and improve process adherence across your business operations.

Automate Today, Scale Tomorrow

Leverage agility, on-demand capacity, governance capabilities and security to quickly solve today's problems, and still grow and scale to meet tomorrow's needs.

Explore the Kofax Intelligent Automation Platform


KofaxTotalAgility KofaxRPA KofaxInsights KofaxMobileCapture KofaxSignDoc KofaxCommunicationsManager KofaxOmniPage KofaxCloudDocs KofaxControlSuite KofaxTotalAgility KofaxRPA KofaxInsights KofaxMobileCapture KofaxSignDoc KofaxCommunicationsManager KofaxOmniPage KofaxCloudDocs KofaxControlSuite Orchestrate digital workflows in collaboration with users, systems, and data. Learn More Increase capacity by deploying digital workers to take on task automation. Learn More Leverage business analytics and process intellig- ence to streamline operations. Learn More Turn mobile devices into image- perfecting information capture devices. Learn More Enable electronic signature to drive end-to-end business process digitization. Learn More Automate and streamline manage- ment of personalized customer correspondence. Learn More Turn paper and digital documents into files you can edit/search/share securely. Learn More Employ cloud document manage- ment to capture, store and secure your data. Learn More Simplify governance, security and management of document workflows. Learn More

Kofax is the only provider of Intelligent Automation for Digital Workflow Transformation.

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