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Initiatives to introduce e-invoicing are becoming a worldwide trend. But meeting complex compliance requirements that vary from country to country is a major challenge for both buyers and suppliers from any organization.

Invoice Portal™ is a cost-effective e-invoicing solution that dramatically simplifies processing by connecting you to hundreds of thousands of companies that are already connected and exchanging e-invoices.

The solution automatically converts invoices to the format required by buyers, transfers them to the correct receiver in the correct way and eliminates manual work and errors. Whether you're a supplier or a buyer, Invoice Portal delivers or reads the format you prefer and will save you time and money with robust onboarding, EDI validation and support for all major e-invoice formats.

Roaming and Certified Connections to Networks

Invoice Portal enables companies all over the world to do e-invoicing by built-in roaming and certified connections to public networks like PEPPOL. With more e-invoicing initiatives on the way in countries around the globe, the solution eases the burden of adhering to complex compliance requirements and simplifies connections between suppliers and buyers.

Save Time with Self-Service Inquiries

The solution facilitates streamlined communication between buyers and suppliers and ensures that both parties have access to real-time updates and information on invoice status.

“Have you received my invoice? When can we expect to be paid? What is the status of my invoice?” Research estimates that AP staff spends up to 30% of their time dealing with basic supplier inquiries. With a self-service web portal, suppliers can view their own transactional details without needing to engage AP for questions, saving time and allowing staff to focus on high-value tasks.

E-Invoicing Adoption, the Cost-Effective Way

Transitioning to e-invoicing doesn’t have to be expensive and time-consuming. Invoice Portal is a cloud-based service that is fast and easy to implement with a low total cost of ownership. It even comes with an intuitive built- in on-boarding tool to connect all your suppliers and customers to e-invoicing.

ERP Agnostic

Invoice Portal can connect with any ERP system, which means daily routines can continue as Invoice Portal runs in the background; sending and receiving e-invoices on your behalf.

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