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Power PDF, PaperPort and OmniPage Support

We are here to help

Do you have a maintenance and support contract? Please choose an option below:

Enterprise Client Yes, I do have a maintenance
and support contract
Enterprise Client No, I do not have a maintenance
and support contract
Retail Client / Individual License No, I do not have a maintenance
and support contract

Enterprise & Volume Licensing Customers
with Maintenance and Support Contract

Kofax Customer Support provides post-sale support to Volume Licensing customers and partners. This includes Maintenance & Support contracts, Reseller or Distribution Agreements.

For fastest response, please open a support ticket.

Open Support Ticket

Please include the following in your support ticket:

  • Product name and version
  • Serial number(s)
  • Company name of end user
  • Devices impacted including make/model
  • Operating system and version
  • Description of the issue including changes in the environment since issue began, steps to recreate the issue, date and time of last occurrence and steps taken so far to resolve

Enterprise & Volume Licensing Customers
without a Maintenance and Support Contract

This is for customers who purchased licenses from, (previously or other retailer.

Important Information

  • To get a copy of your original purchased software version, please go to to register and download.
  • A maintenance and support (M&S) contract is required to get Technical Support and download software updates.
  • If you are interested in getting technical support and the latest software release including patches, you may purchase M&S by contacting

Retail & Individual License Customers

This is for customers who purchased individual licenses from, (previously or other retailer.

Customer Service & Tech Support

Monday-Friday, 9am to 5pm (Local Times)

  • USA & Canada +1 678 631 6202 (English)
  • UK +44 20 3051 4034 (English)
  • France +33 1 85 14 92 28 (French)
  • Germany +49 6441 67138 58107 (German)
  • Italy +39 02 252 0507 (English)
  • Spain +34 919 01 42 21 (Spanish)
  • Belgium +32 2 588 54 07 (English)
  • South Africa 800 98 0174 (English)
  • Australia +61 1800 201 449 (English)
  • New Zealand +64 800 359 801 (English)
  • Malaysia 1800 81 2985 (English)
  • Singapore 800 492 2275 (English)
  • Hong Kong +852 800 933 096 (English)

Online Support

Request Power PDF Support
PaperPort Support
OmniPage Support


Power PDF Advanced: User Guide
Power PDF Standard: User Guide

Software Updates

From time to time, Kofax will release bug-fix only software updates to remedy issues with our Desktop products. Bug-fixes are provided free of charge as a download from within the Desktop Software and/or from the Kofax website.

Questions About Your Order

View your order status
Redownload your software for free within 2 weeks of purchase date

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Kofax offers a thirty-day money back guarantee for the purchase price on all retail products, beginning on date of purchase.

If you purchased your product online on, please click here for a refund request.

If you purchased your product from a retail location or other online retailer, contact Customer Service at 1-678-631-6202 for a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number for return. Proof of payment is required. Please allow 6-8 weeks for refund.

Our 90 Day Support Warranty

Kofax customers receive unlimited Technical Support access for the first 90 days of Product Ownership. Access is limited to problems or issues experienced during installation, setup, configuration, reinstallation (not including data recovery) and during normal usage.

Hardware configuration must meet the system requirements for the software. See the User’s Guide specific to the Kofax Desktop Software for system requirements. The 90-day Desktop Support Warranty is effective upon the earlier of product registration or activation.

Beyond 90 days, support is only available for current and one version prior to the current version software. Support is not provided for products more than one version behind the current version, or have reached end of life.

Support during the first 90 days of Product Warranty is Free. Click here to view per-question rates beyond 90 days.