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Kofax TotalAgility

Are the systems that run your business enough to satisfy your connected, digitally-savvy customers? Your customers want to engage with you in a way that feels simple and intuitive. This is especially important in those information-intensive initial interactions that can make or break a customer’s first impression of your business – processes like onboarding, mortgage or loan origination, insurance claims processing and new policy applications, accounts payable, student transcript processing, citizen benefits enrollment and much more.

Kofax TotalAgility® transforms these critical processes of engagement by bringing together your disparate technologies into a modern, mobile-first, omnichannel solution. You’ll develop and deploy intelligent business processes—specialized, highly adaptable, mobile-enabled applications designed for engaging your customers. And you’ll create a seamless, real-time link between your customer-facing systems of engagement and the internal systems of record that run your business. This minimizes the need to modify enterprise applications, systems or repositories.

Go Beyond Basic OCR

TotalAgility and TotalAgility Cloud utilize embedded AI to automate more unstructured content from more types of content and more channels than any other capture solution on the market. It can capture, classify, extract and understand any type of print and language from any type of content (forms, claims, shipping documents, contracts, letters, etc.) coming from any channel (mobile, email, web, fax, folder, desktop scanner, MFP, etc.) – all using advanced AI techniques to extract, understand and integrate unstructured data. Then, Kofax takes cognitive capture to the next level by automatically extracting key data and gauging sentiment from natural language text found in emails, contracts, social streams, chatbots, etc., helping you process this type of content more efficiently.

Deliver fully digital customer engagement interactions anytime, anywhere

Reduce operating costs and drive revenue with better business processes

Increase responsiveness and streamline decision making through insight gained from analytics

Use artificial intelligence for deeper transformation and savings

Move seamlessly between deployment environments – public cloud, private cloud or on-premise

Improve information visibility and accuracy and ensure regulatory compliance

AI-Powered Intelligent Automation

Deploy a native mix of interoperable automation technologies and artificial intelligence to transform information-intensive business processes to be more efficient, faster and precise.

AI-Driven Cognitive Capture

Go beyond basic OCR with embedded AI to automate more unstructured content from more types of content and more channels than any other capture solution on the market.

Process Orchestration

Automate routine workflows and streamline case management processes for better compliance, decision-making, ad-hoc activity and process visibility.

Robotic Process Automation

Build a digital workforce that assists or offloads repetitive and data-intensive tasks from knowledge workers, freeing them to focus on more productive and value-added tasks.

Advanced Analytics

Gain insight into automation KPIs with ready-to-go capture and process dashboards and customizable dashboards.


Execute crucial agreements faster and allow customers to use any signature format they wish.

Customer Communications

Accelerate engagement by delivering low-latency, two-way, omnichannel customer communication that’s faster, more targeted and less expensive.

Off-The-Shelf Flexible Integration

Accelerate implementation of your solution and leverage and extend your existing software assets with pre-built connectors, web services and synthetic API methods.

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