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Empower Your Customers with an Effortless Banking Experience. Start Here.

Razor-thin margins, increasing regulations and siloed departments, branches and processes are just a few of the challenges facing financial institutions in today’s environment of sophisticated, connected and empowered customers. To compete, you need to automate, simplify and speed customer transactions like new account openings, consumer and mortgage loan applications and investments.

More than 70 percent of financial institutions in the Global 500 use our solutions to automate customer transactions, operations and risk management.

Drive increased customer acquisition, retention and satisfaction by automating the back office and simplifying customer interactions.

Ready to power digital transformation in your financial organization? Let’s get started.

Customer Experience

When outdated business processes drive customer capabilities, a new applicant’s first experience with your bank is bound to be complex, painful and inflexible. Ensure a seamless and consistent experience for your customers, paving the way for successful long-term relationships.

Operational Efficiency

Imagine your banking operation with a modern infrastructure, seamless data integration between systems, paperless processes and proactive customer communications. Employees are empowered to serve customers, not push papers, and processing times and costs are dramatically lowered.

Risk and Compliance

Regulations have multiplied exponentially since the financial crisis in 2008, and banks are spending billions of dollars annually on compliance. Leverage technology with flexible, rules-based workflows that allow you to quickly and easily adapt to regulation changes and updates.


Automate onboarding, loans and mortgages, servicing and operations with banking solutions from Kofax.

Account Opening Automation >

Automate new account openings to enhance the customer experience and accelerate time to revenue.

Branch Capture Transformation >

Streamline remote branch capture and create a superior customer experience.

Consumer Loan Automation >

Streamline and automate your consumer loan origination and closing processes.

Customer Due Diligence Automation >

Employ a flexible automation platform to meet Customer Due Diligence requirements.

Customer Self-service and Assisted Service >

Drive customer loyalty through a digital self-service/assisted-service model via a single, open platform.

Digital Mailroom >

Automate the capture of your bank’s mail and deliver electronically to your business processes.

Financial Data and Equity Research Automation >

Automatically extract and integrate web and proprietary financial data to inform investment decisions.

Mortgage Processing Automation >

Streamline and automate your mortgage loan origination, closing and servicing processes.

Operational Reporting and Compliance >

Automatically gather and integrate compliance information to meet regulatory reporting demands.

Secure Remittance Processing >

Kofax helps banks and third-party lockbox providers improve integration, intelligence and control in their customers’ accounts receivables process.

Trade Finance Solution Framework >

Mitigate risk, accelerate trade document processing with a flexible solution framework

Trade Management Optimization >

Optimize trade management processes for financial services institutions.

Wealth Management Transformation >

Streamline paper-based onboarding processes to provide superior service to high-net worth clients.