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Customer loyalty is hard-won in the insurance industry, but the benefits of getting it right from the initial application compound over the life of the policy. Customers and agents alike want an easy sign-up process in the channels of their choice and clear status updates without multiple requests for data. Without an end-to-end digital client onboarding process, your insurance organization faces a threefold disadvantage: Rising costs due to operational inefficiencies, customer dissatisfaction resulting from lengthy, cumbersome processes and risk of regulatory noncompliance fines.

Simplify and streamline your application processes with an automated insurance onboarding solution that offers real-time mobile engagement, the flexibility of anytime, anywhere self-service and multichannel capture of process-ready images and documents. Combined with the broad capabilities of fraud detection, identity verification, analytics, e-signature and customer communications management, you can quickly check applications, monitor processes and make changes to optimize the experience. The result? Not only will your organization benefit from decreased operating and compliance expenses, but engaged customers and producers will become brand advocates who increase revenue through recommendations, cross-sells and upsells.

Deliver Compelling Customer Experience with Kofax Onboarding Agility


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Kofax solutions have transformed the way we manage the new hire process. We’re not stuck in the past or buried in paper anymore; we have a slick mobile app that makes the onboarding process much quicker and convenient for everyone involved.

Power an Engaging Insurance Onboarding Experience

When you wow new applicants with an onboarding experience that includes real-time mobile engagement, self-service and omnichannel communications, you create enduring customer loyalty and a competitive edge—all while ensuring compliance and automating due diligence.

Power your applicant onboarding processes. Empower your customers.