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Every engagement with a customer is an opportunity to earn their business, loyalty and trust. When these communications are personal, timely and delivered in the channel of their choice, it’s easy for your insurance organization to outshine the competition. But if you generate millions of documents under multiple brands—policy communications, customer onboarding documents, claims and other outbound correspondence—it’s nearly impossible to manually maintain a level of personalization that also meets legal, compliance and corporate identity standards.

Simplify, standardize and personalize customer communications and policy management with a cost-effective enterprise-class solution that empowers insurers to personalize correspondence such as acknowledgement letters, claims and policy management and billing statements with minimal IT effort. Highly personalized communications are delivered in your customers’ preferred channels like mobile, email, web, text/SMS and print. By embracing an automation strategy for customer communications, you can make onboarding easier, build lasting customer loyalty and cross- and upsell with confidence, knowing you’re communicating just the right information at the right time and in the right channel.

Transforming Customer Engagement—Preserving Customer Loyalty

Helping Clients Succeed

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We have won a prestigious national award recognizing customer service excellence for the last two years in a row. We couldn’t have achieved this without Kofax Customer Communications Manager.

Power an engaging customer experience

When you automate, standardize and personalize customer communications from onboarding to policy communications, you create customer loyalty by engaging them in their preferred channel with the right information at the right time—all while meeting legal, compliance and brand standards.

Power your customer and policy communications. Empower your customers.