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Insurance organizations are inundated with incoming data and documents in a variety of formats; employing manual processes to sort, analyze and disseminate the information creates a level of risk, while driving up inefficiencies and costs for the insurer, and lowering customer satisfaction. Consider if, for example, an insurance claim has been submitted, but is not yet in the adjudication system. If the data hasn’t been manually rekeyed, customer service will be unable to assist if the policyholder inquires about claim status.

Streamline your information handling workflow with digital mailroom automation software that can transform all incoming documents into actionable electronic data for distribution to the required business system—from policy underwriting to claims to exception processing. Track, review and modify information at any point in the process; digital mailroom automation software can enhance decision-making based on real-time information to help increase process throughput and revenue generation.

Mailroom Automation

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By using Kofax solutions to digitize content and automate processes, we have cut the time taken to process claims by 50%.

Power Your Claims Process Workflows.

When you employ automation to extract and validate information from incoming policy- or claims-related mail and distribute it to business process workflows, you increase process throughput, drive efficiencies and deliver a better policyholder experience. By leveraging the power of process automation, you can also resolve exceptions without stalling your overall business processes.

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