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The time spent searching for important underwriting or policy information can put a heavy strain on both productivity and customer service. In fact, a high percentage of insurance industry employees, particularly knowledge workers, spend more than seven hours every week on tedious manual search tasks.

Automate the new business underwriting process while simultaneously enforcing underwriting rules and risk analytics in real time. Leverage a 360-degree view of every policyholder, and enhance decision-making to recommend the best offer based on the policyholder’s unique needs and risk profile. Through a robust, straight-through processing solution, you can provide your underwriters fast, efficient access to critical information and comprehensive risk analysis to boost productivity, while growing market share and profitability.

Deliver Compelling Customer Experience with Kofax Onboarding Agility

Power the underwriting process.

Now that you have dramatically reduced the amount of manual work and inefficiency in your new business underwriting process, you have empowered your company to turn market opportunities into profitability through greater control of the insurance underwriting lifecycle.

Power your processes.
Empower your business.